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I think we may have sunstroke here at Skylark Guitars as we've knocked 25% off our 7 String and PaRiS ranges! Only limited numbers left now so don't miss out!

25% off our entire Ukulele range


A ukulele is the perfect addition to any get together, especially in the sunshine. We've knocked 25% off our entire range to add a bit of magic to your summer. From just £45.

Welcome to our website!

Here at Skylark Guitars we do things a little differently... we sell only our own brand, high quality guitars, at affordable prices.

We realise that every guitar should be an investment and every purchase should be one you are happy with for years to come. So we've developed a unique range of guitars to buy online, over the phone or in person. Our aim is to match the perfect guitar and kit to your requirements.

The perfect partnership of knowledge, passion, design and workmanship. But more importantly, we just love what we do!

We specialise in jazz guitars, semi-acoustic guitars and resonators and stock unique instruments such as skeleton guitars and plexiglass guitars. We also have a wide range of electrics, acoustics, basses and some home grown designs.

We want you to enjoy your visit to our website, so if you have any queries, get in touch. 


The Skylark Hollow Teardrop

The teardrop design guitars of the 1960's were legendary and remain iconic in guitar history. We've added to our popular Teardrop model our Skylark Hollow Teardrop with 3 pickups and Bigsby style trem.

With added sustain, expanded tonal range and the added tremelo the palette of sounds available is greatly expanded.

Largely faithful to the originals, a modern profile neck enhances the playability.

A uniquely styled guitar with bags of character, lots of heritage and a tonne of tone.

Sweet for £250.

Featured Products
Skylark Weissenborn

Skylark Weissenborn£142.50  -  £165.00

A signature hollow neck gives this instrument a unique sound and shape
Skylark Twin Jazz

Skylark Twin Jazz£320.00

This fabulous new jazz model hits the mark in sound and vision

Skylark Birdseye Thinline Semi-Acoustic

Skylark Birdseye Thinline Semi-Acoustic£475.00

We've run out of superlatives for this model but perfect seems very appropriate
Skylark Gold Blend Tee

Skylark Gold Blend Tee£200.00

Drop dead gorgeous spalted maple solid body and a generous helping of gold hardware.