Skylark Double6 Deluxe

Just got the Skylark double six electric. I have to say that it is terrific. Great finish, great sounds, vast tonal possibilities (yes - tone controls that work!), extremely playable 12 string guitar, handsome looking derivative of a 'Ricky' and a lovely fitted hardcase included. The service and communication were first class (rare in this day and age) and delivery on time. 
I never buy guitars without playing them first but I made an exception on this occasion and my hunch was correct. 
This guitar is worth double the price, incredible value for money. If you are in the market for a 12 string electric on a budget, don't hesitate, 

Steve Daggett (From the band LINDISFARNE) (Jan 2014)

Skylark Archtop with Bigsby Trem 

I received my LP archtop with Bigsby style trem on time as promised, it is a lovely guitar and plays great, really impressed with the overall quality, I've had a couple of Epiphones recently one Chinese and one Korean, this is easily as nice to play but sounds sooooo much better, great tone, great looks, excellent hard case, overall a brilliant purchase, thanks Steve and team I'll be back for more in the future! 

Paul (May 2013) 

Skylark Twin Neck Skeleton Guitar

Hi Steve And The Team, 

Just To Let You Know, As You Instructed, The Courier delivered The Skeleton Twin Neck Bang On Time Within The 1 Hour Time Slot Allocated, Everything Was Fine And In Order, The Service From Yourself Was Excellent And The Quality Of The Product Was Great, I Would Gladly Recommend Skylark To Fellow Musicians And Will Be In Touch Soon About A Plexi, Once I’ve Persuaded My Wife. 

Darren (May 2013)

Skylark Plexi (and visit)

Just a note to say thank you for the time you spent with us on 11th when we visited. Stu really enjoyed trying out the guitars in such a relaxed environment and now has his eye on the telecaster he tried.

His plexi has been put away until his birthday so we can’t yet comment on that, but we had a very enjoyable couple of hours and would happily recommend Skylark.

Chris and Stu (May 2013)

Skylark Super7 

Just to let you know that the guitar arrived safely at midday. I am very impressed with it. Seems to be excellent quality and is as enjoyable to play as my $10,000 Foster 7 string and my £3,000 Knight 7 string. It makes a mockery of all these very expensive instruments, so looking forward to gigging it asap.

Thanks again for all your help, I really am delighted. If you ever get another 7 string which you think is exceptional it is worth contacting me.
(Tony, Apr 2013)

Skylark Tennessee Style Semi-Acoustic

This is the first time I've risked buying a guitar without seeing and playing it first. I have to say this guitar is a real beauty! It looks a million dollars, sounds fantastic and really is unbelievable value for money. Your service from time of order including set up and delivery to me in Greece was excellent and very prompt. I will have no hesitation recommending Skylark Guitars and I'm sure I will be back for further purchases from you.

(Chester, Apr 2013) 

Skylark Twin Neck 6 & 12 String Skeleton

Thank you so much for a really good experience, the double neck guitar is great and the whole package including headphones and even a pick was a real pleasure to recieive and unpack.the reason I am writing is because it's in great contrast to another deal recently when a big eBay music instrument dealer kept me waiting nearly a month, ignored my Emails then sent me a scratched second hand unit, trying to pass it off as new. I better not name them, but they are well known and I expected a better service
So my letter is really to let you know, you are ahead of the competition.
And I will be letting my many musician friends know about you and what a good service you provide. Many thanks  

Lorna (Mar 2013)

Skylark Vintage Left-Handed F-Hole Resonator

As per my previous feedback, I was delighted with the lefty f hole resonator I bought from you last month and this decided my buying the 0 gauge all metal resonator. Once again, I'm blown away by the quality, sound and value and I particularly appreciate you setting it up to my spec, I.e. left hand, putting a pick up in etc., so many thanks again. I gigged with it using a zoom a2 preamp and it sounded brilliant. Just one thing; I note that since I bought it, it's disappeared from your website; has it been discontinued? Anyway, awesome guitar and I recommend skylark unreservedly. 

Peter (Jan 2013) 

Skylark Roundback

Just thought I would drop you a line to thank you for my recent purchase which I received safe and sound today.

Just had a little noodle on it and it sounds good.I then put it through my PA and it copes well in that department too.Great value at the price,but as I already have one of your guitars(The Zebra Jazz) I knew it would be just fine.When I am looking for guitar number 18(and my wife is talking again) I woud not hesitate to return as a customer.
Many Thanks

Paul (Jan 2013)

Skylark Skeleton Ukulele

Just thought I would drop you a quick note to say how impressed I am with my new Skeleton Concert Ukulele.
The look, feel and sound are all superb and I am extremely happy with my purchase. I was also pleasantly surprised to find that everything was included in the box - bag, headphones, amp lead and even a battery. I look forward to playing it for years to come.
Thanks again
(Peter, Jan 2013)

Skylark Electro-Acoustic Bass 

Received my acoustic bass within three days of being ordered. It’s a great looking and sounding instrument, and I only needed to trim the action a little at the nut and the bridge in order to get an extremely smooth playing instrument. Going to change the existing strings to a set of phospher bronze to give it that extra acoustic sound. Overall a superb instrument for the quality, sound, comfort to play and value! 

Mike (Jan 2013)

Skylark Funnel Neck Electro 

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you for the excellent service today. A call to you at 11 to arrange an appointment, and arriving at your showroom at 2pm on a saturday afternoon to be greeted with a cup of tea and an equal welcome for my children as well as me. 

I thought that a wanted to buy a funnel neck electro-acoustic, and was really impressed that you had strung and set up a guitar before I arrived. I was even happier that you let me sit for almost an hour working my way through a thin-line (lovely to play, and great sound when plugged in, but not quite as good acoustically as the others I tried, a round back (amazing sound, nice to play but heavier than I wanted) and even a resonator (always wanted to play one, but I need to get much better before I own one) and three of four goes on the chosen funnel neck. After arriving home I spent most of the rest of the day enjoying it both acoustically and plugged in. It is a great instrument to play, looks wonderful and sounds great. I have played better guitars, but they tend to have a price tag somewhere north of £1000, and usually a grumpy salesman trying to stop you playing it. For well under £300 I got a really great guitar, a perfectly reasonable case, and all the time I needed to make a selection. 

have a feeling that I will be coming back to purchase again (probably an electro-bass next) and will certainly be telling all of my guitar playing friends that you should never be put off by a price tag that looks to cheap to be true, and that they shouldnt buy a new instrument without at least giving skylark a try first. I will definitely be buying strings from you as well - great sound. 

The only negative on my own guitar is that the finish around the entrance to the soundbox at the base of the neck could be a little better. It is such a feature of the instrument and I must admit I am tempted to sand it and repolish myself. Apart from that the build quality is amazing - beautiful inlays, sculptured neck and solid top with a case for £265. And excellent service to boot. Thanks. 

Matt (Jan 2013)

Skylark Vintage Left-Handed F-Hole Resonator

Hi, I very recently bought a left handed resonator from you and just wanted to say how pleased I am with it. I have a number of high-end acoustics and have been playing for a long time now, but this is the first resonator I've owned and, of first impressions are anything to go by, it's excellent. Love the sound and the feel of the neck and will use it for picking and slide, as the set-up seems ok for both. The guitar appears well built and I'm hoping it will stand the test of time. One thing's for sure; I certainly don't regret buying it and it seems really good value for money, so many thanks!

Peter (Dec 2012) 

Skylark Pear-shaped Ukulele

Just a quick line to thank you for the prompt and courteous service regarding my purchase of the pear shaped ukulele,it looks and sounds fine,all i have to do now is learn to play it (never had a uke and i'm left handed) but i enjoy a challenge and will enjoy it. Thanks again,

Dave (Nov 2012)

Skylark Telecaster Semi-Acoustic with Bigsby

Fantastic sound and tune with bigsby style bridge. Including the hardest pullings it maintains a good tune. 

Pablo (Nov 2012) 

Skylark RickyRed

Moving from Cataluña to Northern Ireland was a rather heavy thought. We went to our new home. There in front of me was something of a surprise. No one told me that a stunning redhead lived here: The Skylark RickyRed. A welcome home gift! 

The finish is perfect; action is more of the same. 2 pick ups offer a dynamic range of sounds and this guitar can handle being drenched in distortion and overdrive, in addition to having a lovely tone for great old fashioned country style riffs.

The feel of high quality is evident as soon as you pick it up. The fretwork is faultless and the setup is just right. The neck has a round, old-style feel and is very snug. I plugged it in to my little Vox mini 3 and got a rich, sparkling sound with heaps of high overtones and loads of sustain, making this a nice guitar for jazz, folk, country and blues. I am so impressed by how this guitar feels; the body is thinner than a Rickenbacker, so it’s not too heavy. It feels very lively in your arms and plays perfectly.
I love guitars that have charm and character, and with that Rickenbacker styled headstock it certainly looks the part. In fact, it is the part.

When unpacking and tidying up I accidentally found the price tag: £80!!!

Suffice to say I haven’t picked up my ukulele or acoustic guitar in 2 months.

Cal (Nov 2012)  

Skylark Nylon Skeleton 

I have to say that when I consider the price I paid for my nylon skeleton, £140, I am just so impressed – through my amp it sounds warm and ‘organic’ too. Great buy. BUT, you just knew there was a but coming hey, it seems my guitar is no longer sold by you and so there is no link for the review for my £50! 

Never mind – I enjoy both playing it and looking at when I pass the stand so that’s great. My wife thinks it is really ugly – that helps too!

Thanks again for having down there that Saturday a month or so ago, nice YouTube video of you playing blues lead on that resonator by the way, and all the best,

Tony (Nov 2012)

Skylark Vintage Left-handed F-hole Resonator

It arrived this morning WOW quality, left it to settle for an hour, put it in tune, tried it plugged in, gigging with it tonight. I use a boss acoustic pre amp into the effect send socket of a peavey classic valve amp missing the electric pre amp, sound is superb, thank you so much

Roger (Nov 2012) 

Skylark Standard Electro Resonator

I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with my "Skylark Standard Electro Resonator". I have had it for nearly two weeks now and although still a beginner can already get some sweet bluesy sounds from it. The look of it and build quality bowled me over when it arrived. A great way to start my 'blues adventure'. Thank you.

Paul (Nov 2012) 

Skylark MKII Eletro Skeleton

My wife has just bought me the Mk II Skeleton silent electro acoustic, wow, my collection is now complete, an acoustic that plays silently, an amplified, acoustic that lifts the roof, hit the foot-switch and it rocks your socks off, what a guitar, changed out strings for martin custom lights 12 - 52s, could I should I go lighter. Piezo response seems slightly duller over 1st e string I reckon bridge saddle not seated properly, what do you think? Overall Steve this baby should be in everyone's collection, my brothers got the Yamaha thingy and even his eyes went green when he saw this one!

Robin (Nov 2012) 

Skylark Single Cutaway Plexi 

The guitar arrived safely yesterday, in a very sturdy package. I put on a set of 11s, adjusted the trussrod and intonation, and now it plays very well. 

The logo on the headstock is beautiful! I can’t wait to gig the guitar next week.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Per (Oct 2012) 

Skylark Harmony 

I just wanted to drop you a line about my Harmony.

It is absolutely great! It holds tuning better than any other guitar I have had and is a pleasure to pick up and play whether it's for ten minuets, or an hour.
In fact my only complaint is that I am now a regular visitor to you site and I just know that I am going to be knocking at your door again!

Anyway, I hope you and your wife are well and I just thought you might appreciate a little ongoing feedback.

Andrew (Oct 2012) 

Skylark DLX Nylon Skeleton Guitar

Really enjoyed my time at your premises today. Very relaxing, loads of fun with the guitars, great friendly chat and coffee too!

Love the guitar I bought, amazing value for money and I will be back! 

Tony (Oct 2012) 

Skylark Compact Single Cutaway Semi-Acoustic Guitar

Just to say thanks for a great guitar. What a beauty. Looks fantastic, plays really well and sounds fantastic - A delight to own.

Having visited you a few months ago, I knew you had some great kit, but this is even better.

Rapid delivery too. Including a plectrum is a great touch, too.

Andy (Oct 2012) 

Skylark Tricone Resonator


I have had a good play on my new Skylark tricone today.It really is the best from the east.It knocks my Johnson/Recording King tricone, into to the rubbish bin! I thought the Recording was the tops until I received my first resonator from you,the Skylark 12 fret style 0.After hearing that, I knew I had to have the Skylark tricone. 

The finish is great,I love the bound wide neck and slotted headstock. The sound is loud and sparkling. These Skylark resonators really are the best you can buy for around £500. A National at 3 to 4 times as much would not be worth the extra expense.

Thanks again Steve for a truly great guitar,and a very good service.

Alan (Jul 2012)

Skylark Skytone

Received the Skytone this morning at work. Many thanks!
It looks stunning. If it plays half as good as it looks I'll be onto a winner.

Cliff (Jul 2012) 

Skylark Left-handed Violin Bass

I bought my husband a red left-handed violin bass and he's done 50 gigs with it. It never goes out of tune and has the original strings on and it takes a hell of a battering live. Last week a former bass player of the Drifters complimented the sound. There's some footage on my homepage from 2 weeks ago of his band the Unshaggables covering Apache. Anymore interesting retro basses in the pipeline?

Tina (Jul 2012)

Skylark Resonator and Skylark Falcon

Not sure if you remember me, I brought the LP style resonator from you last xmas, and a few weeks later my dad got the white falcon for me. Just wanted to say they are both incredible guitars, especially the falcon which I have been putting through its paces with my blues/rock band. Got another gig thursday so if you want videos or photos i can send them over. 

Steve (June 2012) 

Skylark Skytone

Guitar arrived safely this morning. I am very pleased with the guitar - excellent neck and great tonal palette. 

I had to change the strings as the plain 3rd was just too loud compared to the others with the staggered pole pieces - a set of D'Addaro 10 -46 with a wound 3rd has made it much more balanced and even.

I think you have got yourself a winner with this one - looks good, sounds good and feels good.

One thing I think you should consider is adding the model name to the headstock and also a serial number - so in a few years time people are able to identify the guitar, year of manufacture, place of manufacture etc. withought relying on memory

I look forward to seeing what you come up with in the future.

Cas (June 2012) 

Custom Double Cutaway Alpine

Well Steve, firstly you have become a much valued friend over the last 3 years [although we have never actually met], your knowledge of guitars,and our favourite genre [the blues] is unsurpassed, now onto the business in hand, over the 3 year period i have made 7 purchases from you, each and every one of them has been quite superb, however now you have most definitely surpassed yourself. Around about 9 months ago i tentatively put forward the idea of you making my perfect guitar, namely an SG style in alpine white with 3 pickups and a vibrola tailpiece plus all gold hardware, i am sat looking at the beauty right now and it far surpasses even my wild imaginings, the playability is incredible, and the range of tones quite amazing!!! plus 85% cheaper than that big american company, i believe there are photos of said guitar on the facebook skylark page. May i thank you most sincerely for this massive fix it, next month a skytone!!! whoopee,thank you again.

Walter (May 2012) 

Skylark Retro Electric 

Thank you very much for a Brilliant and Well made Guitar, I would Recommend Your Products to anyone who is interested in Guitars. 

I received my purchase on the day and time you told me in your e-mail , The Product was in excellent condition and was well packed thank you very much.

Brian (Apr 2012) 

Standard Electro Resonator

I have really enjoyed playing my new dobro resonator – the quality and tuning are really good, and the sound I am getting through my fender amp, using an ME25 effect box on acoustic patch, is great I think.  The other patches can cause wild feedback but I know this is expected from a resonator.  The use of the freeze mode on the ME25 works well with the guitar (holding chords and playing on top a la David Gilmour).

Am trying some open tunings and bottleneck playing – something I’m not yet very proficient at – maybe its not quite set up for that as well in terms of fretting distance. I’m using a gold coloured metal finger ‘bottle neck’ which is quite twangy, maybe another type would be better.

Thanks for a very personal service, and good luck with your business! PS I subscribed for your newsletter. 

Nick (Apr 2012) 

Skylark Classical Custom 0991

Just a note to say how much I enjoyed meeting you, and your stunning array of guitars, on Friday. Thank you for making me so welcome, and for providing the facilities and, equally importantly, the atmosphere, in which to make an informed and relaxed choice.

I am delighted with the quality  and tone of my guitar, and I’m already enjoying getting the fingers back to work and limbering up. My new guitar will be a continuing source of pleasure and relaxation; all the more so because it won’t have to be used for teaching!

Alison (Apr 2012) 

Skylark UK18N Ukulele 

I'd just like to say how impressed I am with your service, the package arrived very well wrapped and on time. The Uke is a lovely little thing and within a day, the strings were staying in tune for longer periods, so much so, I took it and 2 more ukes to the Penn Ukulele Club last night and played only the Skylark all night!
I have bought a set of Aquilas to go on it as normally, I find factory fitted strings to be run of the mill, but this little uke barks with the factory strings. Cheers!

Nige (Mar 2012) 

Chord S Style Electric Guitar

Steve - I just wanted to say, have recieved the email about it being delivered tomorrow (have had to reschedule it for Fri as am in and out all day tomorrow!!) but thank you soo much - should be here in time for his birthday so THANK YOU - he is going to be really chuffed!  Like I say, we will be using your company again, I'm sure!

Rachel (Feb 2012)

Skylark O Style Metal Bodied Resonator

Just to let you know the guitar arrived safely yesterday morning. I am very pleased with the quality. I have had many resonators made in the far east [Ozark,Vintage,Regal etc] and I must say this guitar beats them all for quality and sound. I recently brought a Recording King tricone which is good,but after playing on the bound finger board of the Skylark,the R.K. seems cheaply made. Thanks again for a great quality guitar.  

Alan (Feb 2012)

Skylark Classic Single Cut Electric

Following our conversation on Friday, I just wanted to thank you for the very quick, prompt delivery of the ‘Pes Laul’. Following a convoluted sequence of events, it arrived the same day as the Epiphone LP that I had given up on ever arriving (it had taken two weeks for my order to be acknowledged), so I had the rare opportunity of comparing them side by side last night.

While there are a few small differences, I very much doubt that anybody would be able to tell which one cost £100 more (and it didn’t come with a hard case!). Cosmetically, it looks stunning, and it plays beautifully. Delivery was by 10am on the promised day while the rest of the country was struggling to cope with a snowflake or two from three days earlier.

Once again thank you, and I look forward to contacting you again soon.

Mark (Feb 2012) 

Skylark AT50 Amp

The AT50 was given a good road test last night and It was very impressive. The amp performed excellently, and there were no technical issues. 
It was competing with a bass player using a Galien Kruger 100 watt rig, and it held its own with a volume level of 6 on the dial. The tonal range is really good, and it was possible to get some very clean sparkling tones and some really agressive crunchy sounds with smooth OD on the way.
It was also very quiet, even when using distortion pedals. Far quieter thn the other guitarist's Orange. it seems very adequate for professional use, and the build quality gives an indication of reliability to come.
To my well worn and knackered lugs the sound was a bit more Fenderish than Marshall, but then I don't have a full set of frequency responses!
In short, very satisfied. Thanks.

Tony (Jan 2012)

Skylark Double Six Electric 

Terrific! 12 String turned up this PM. Love the guitar, nicely balanced and good case. The good lady likes the look of it too - looks pretty!! she said. That aside, it does look and feel really good. Many thanks again for great service and prompt delivery. Happy New Year and The Best of Luck for 2012. Cheers! 

James (Dec 2011)

Skylark Parlour Resonator

Thank you for despatching the parlour resonator guitar so promptly, ordered Monday morning, delivered Tuesday lunchtime, the guitar is great, small, compact but loud with a great woody resonator tone, it certainly needs the factory strings replacing, I have put on standard 12 gauge and they have brightened the tone considerably.   The only other single cone resonators that I know of available with the wide neck, such as this one, are Nationals which are slightly more expensive!  Thanks again.

Tony (Dec 2011) 

Skylark 7 String Jazz 

You may remember that I had the Skylark 7 string from you. I am just emailing to say how delighted I am with the guitar, it surpassed all my expectations It really is an excellent instrument and the pick ups are first rate too. Considering that I have been playing American luthier built instruments at almost thirty times the price (really!) I cannot find that much difference, if any. Maybe more decoration and inlays but in sound nothing at all. 

Thanks again for supplying me with an excellent guitar.

Tony (Nov 2011)

Skylark Twin Mode Compact Resonator 

Arrived exactly on time thank you. Cracking instrument & package for the price. Well packed too. Whole load of fun to play. Shall recommend Skylarks & your service to my students & friends. Thank you again.  

Chris (Nov 2011)

Skylark Bluesking (Black) Semi-Acoustic

Just wanted to say thankyou very much for the guitar. My dad always believed there was one guitar for everybody like a soulmate. For him it was his 40 year shadows anniversary fender. For me its this Blues King, after sitting on the fence about buying for a while I really wasn't sure, now I can die happy having played this wonderful work of art! I christened it with some Foo Fighters of course! I couldn't be any happier thank you so much I look forward to being able to afford one of your amplifiers.

Alex (Oct 2011)

Skylark Budget 335 Semi-Acoustic

It was a pleasure to meet and do buissnes with you earlier today. I am more than pleased with my bargain purchase although it doesn't sound any where near as impressive in my hands as it did in yours (or Grohls). I will definitely be telling all like minded 'guitar heads' about 'SKYLARK' and the excellent service provided. Thanks again, good luck and keep on rockin.

Kevin (Oct 2011)

Skylark Vintage Resonator

Just to say a big thanks for my Skylark Vintage resonator sunburst model. It is a cracker. I have always been too much of a snob by insisting on Fender, Gibson blah de blah. This is a very nice piece of kit. I shall definitely be adding more to my stable. And I am definitely keen on the AT15 valve amp. I need something in between my 5 watt and 30, 40, and 50 watt stuff. Something I can push to break up without being overpoweringly loud.
Your service has been top notch, better than many of the bigger companies I purchase from, and that is A LOT!!
I look forward to speaking in the future.
Bill (Aug 2011)

Skylark 335 Sparkle

Firstly I would like to thank you for all your expert advice in helping me to choose the right guitar, and especially your patience. Having never owned a semi-acoustic I needed all the help I could get. Having been a Bass Player for over 30 years I wasn’t into these types of guitars, my chooses were Jazz Basses, Precisions, Hofner Violins etc. But since giving up playing in bands I spend more time playing Guitar and Recording on my Home 24 Track Tascam Studio, which means I now have to play all types of guitars, as well as the bass.

I’m glad I’d chosen the 335. It is very well built and a dream to play. Even acoustically it sound good enough for practising. Not being an expert guitarist, I can’t believe anyone would criticise the 335. I even can’t imagine the original Gibson being that much better to warrant the difference in price.

I would have no hesitation in buying another Skylark Guitar, if all the different models are of the same quality as the 335.

Thanks again

Neil (July 2011)

Acepro Sunburst AH706 Jazz

Thanks for the excellent service you have given. The guitar I brought from you (Acepro AH706 s/burst +case) is excellent quality and value for money. I will defiantly use skylark guitars again. I like company’s that go out of their way to help you, well done.

Dave (June 2011)

Skylark UK42 Tenor Ukulele

My Skylark UK42N Tenor Ukulele arrived 2 days after I placed the order and is a fantastic instrument - stays in tune excellently and plays brilliantly. I have played expensive (overly-expensive) ukes in the past that were not as good as this wonderful budget tenor (£50!).

Many thanks!

Cathal (May 2011)

Skylark Voilin Guitar

An absolutely stunning guitar, its small body belies a quality quasi-acoustic vibe, producing some gorgeous warm tones, and have found it worked especially well with a slide too. Plugging it into the amp however unleashed a whole world of new options,with a beatiful clean sound or putting through an amp in overdrive giving a really dark and rough twang, again especially good witha brass slide for that! Great piece of guitar on all fronts, would highly recommend, now to save for another!

Sam (Feb 2011) 

Magazine Reviews

In December 2010 Total Guitar Magazine pitted our Skylark vintage Resonator against some of the big brand names in their revered "Rocked and Rated" review section. Up against a Fender, and the cheapest in the group test, we were thrilled to bits to be a very close second and get a lustrous and flattering review from TG.

Read the full article here : Skylark Vintage Reso Review in Total Guitar


Skylark Telecoustic 

Just wanted to say thanks for the advice. The guitar is brilliant. Looks great, very unique and plays well. Took it straight to practice with the band and it sounded great. Amazing value at the price you’re selling at would definitely think about buying another with you in the future (once I get over some space issues at home).

Alex (October 2010)

Skylark O Style Nickel Resonator

I recently purchased one of your Skylark O Style Nickel Resonator guitars and I'm absolutely delighted with it. It arrived yesterday and has exceeded even my wildest expectations. The action is great, the chrome finish superb and better than any of the other resos. I've owned and some of those were from Big Name manufacturers -

All in all, a great guitar with great tone at an unbeatable price..

Speed of delivery was everything you promised and your service cannot be bettered.

Rest assured, I'll recommend Skylark guitars in future.

Many thanks

Rod (Sept 2010)

Skylark OM Style Guitar

I just received my OM style acoustic guitar today (I believed it actually arrived yesterday so thank you for sticking to your 48 hour delivery policy!) and I've got to say I am amazed at how good quality it is.  After debating buying from you for some time, but putting off due to previously bad experiences of stepping away from the security blanket of the "big brand names", I finally decided to take a punt and try some of your range.  I am so pleased to have found a generally honest dealer, selling guitars that are made of the wood advertised, and are as good as there over priced counterparts. I have been playing for 11 years and have collected a range of guitars, varying in price from a couple to several hundred; the OM stands side to side with some of those £300 pound acoustics. Too long have epiphone, fender etc. been over charging us for their products, which have been slowly slipping in quality to the extent now that you are paying mostly for the name on the headstock.  I shall advise anyone to try a skylark guitar, even if they are, like I was, nervous of stepping away from brand security. Your guitars really are as good as advertised and next I shall be investing in one of your beautiful semi's.

Very best regards,

James (Sept 2010)

Skylark Fly Style Guitar

About a year ago i bought a skylark fly and it has now become my most used guitar and my favourite, it is also my cheapest! When i unboxed the guitar I was outstanded by the beautiful quality and finish, not at all what i was expecting for 140 pounds! when i first tuned up and plugged it in i fell in love, the stock pickups have served me well over the past year and now I’m going to give my skylark the treatment it has earned, I’ve just bought a Dimarzio D-activator and an X2n and plan to replace the single coil too, can't wait to see how it sounds!

Over all I would recommend this guitar to anyone and argue to the grave to any sceptics that this could compete with an 800 pound guitar from even companies like ibanez (I haven't played my SA in months!)
Peter (Aug 2010)

Skylark Tenor Ukulele

Thanks for your excellent service. I love this quality instrument; having tested out ukes at music suppliers around the country I reckon the Skylark Maestro UT-35 cannot be beaten on quality and value. I played a Kala instrument in Manchester at twice the price and with not so much as a gig bag on offer. The Maestro is better on sound quality, precision and has a hard case. Brilliant.

Terry (July 2010)

Acepro AH708

Just to let you I got the guitar today. It's really lovely and plays very nicely. I'm very happy with it.

And thanks for throwing in an extra set of strings as well!  You've been very helpful -- I will definitely buy from you again.

Scott (May 2010)

Skylark Leftie Resonator

Grateful thanks for the prompt delivery of my leftie resonator. I have spent time over the last couple of weeks making friends with the guitar and we're getting on well! The set up is excellent, providing a very easy action and warm, fluid sound. It's as good as I'd hoped it would be and we're out for our first gig tonight.

Simon (April 2010)

Skylark Violin Guitar

I ordered the Skylark Violin Six String guitar the other day from you and it arrived across the pond in excellent shape.  I tuned it up and started to play and could not believe my ears.  It is one of the best sounding guitars I own (and I have Gretsch, PRS and Fender as well as Hofners...) This little six-string truly is remarkable: a great guitar.  Thanks for doing biz with a Yank.  I love your line up.

John, USA (Mar 2010)

Skylark Electro-Mandolin

Received my mando today friday all in (good order) i am really chuffed with the feel of it, plays really nice and i have plugged in to small amp to test both with delay peddle and without sounds really nice i am looking forward to playing threw our pa on sunday ,thanks so much for spare strings and pleks really good of you to do that.

Ian (Mar 2010)

Skylark Steinberger Style

Just wanted to let you know my Guitar (A Steinberger copy) arrived today. I have to say it is outstanding! The build quality on these instruments are second to none! I've always wanted a Steinberger but couldn't afford one, this is the next best thing, and the price should be twice as much for such a Guitar. The neck has the feel of a Gibson and the sound is stunning! Not to mention the nice case...I would love a Fly and a Mandolin next, and maybe a Uke! I will recommend you in the future!

Kevin (Mar 2010)

Skylark PRS Style

Just to let you know that the PRS job turned up about half an hour ago, and once again, I'm thrilled with it, another exceptionally nice instrument and for the money, a complete steal, Thanks again for the prompt attention and delivery, (not to mention the gratis pick!), I'll be sure to keep an eye on the website, and as soon as I've cleared my guitar Credit card back to zero, more than likely be back for more. Thanks again.

Frazer (Mar 2010)

Skylark Sunburst Telecaster

Just to say that I have now had the Sunburst Telecaster for a week – and really enjoyed playing it. It plays well (I would recommend your setup option to other customers), the intonation is spot on and it stays in tune too! What more could you ask for in a guitar?

Well you could ask that it sounds good – which it does, that it looks good – the sunburst finish is good quality and the finish on the neck is ultra smooth, and that its value for money. (The exclamations of “How much did you say?” seems to be a regular response when I tell my friends.

I must say that it impressed me so much that I did not buy that skeleton guitar I originally came to see. However I am pleased to say that I will also be buying a skeleton guitar soon – as I was very impressed with the quality of those. So would you please set one up for me next month and I will make the appointment to come and get it!

David (Mar 2010)

Skylark Les Paul Style

Guitar arrived first thing this morning, and I've not been able to put it down since! For an instrument of this price I was expecting to have to maybe replace the pick ups or do some work to it, but its superb straight out of the box, apart from re-stringing it with my favoured wires, it's absolutely knock-out.

Thanks once again for the excellent service and express delivery, and as for the product, it really has comfortably surpassed all my expectations!!

I really am delighted! 

Frazer (Mar 2010)

Skylark Open Neck Electro-acoustic


Purchased an 'electro-acoustic' open neck ' guitar off Steve a few months ago, I am so pleased with it. Steve allowed me loads of time in his showroom to try it out, and it knocks the pants of guitars worth five time more. It played beautifully straight away, but since I have lowered the action on the nut and changed the saddle for a compensation type, added  new Elixir strings and now it plays like a dream, can't put it down!  Would recommend to anyone. Even had a cup of coffee while I made my mind up (which didn't take long!) and no sales pressure, what more could you want".

Keith (Feb 2010)

Skylark Black Resonator

Just a note to say thanks for the advice and prompt service throughout the purchasing of the black resonator. I'm really pleased with the quality of the guitar and case and it's very good value for money. The guitar plays really well and is especially good for slide playing. It's got a special place in my collection now

Thanks again

Tom (Jan 2010)

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